How crazy is this?

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How crazy is this?
Greece applies for U.S. statehood. It could become the 52nd state once Puerto Rico is admitted. We would adopt the U.S. dollar, laws and economy. We would be governed and pay taxes to the U.S. I’m sure Greece, once ridden of its corrupt politicians and leftist ways would become one of the wealthiest States. We would be done with threats and huge military expenses that are breaking this country and we could grow and prosper as part of the U.S. Sure, our debt is a hefty price to deal with, but I think they would be delighted to annex us having their own territory in this part of the world. Finally, we would be done with austerity measures that lead nowhere.
I realize this is next to impossible with all the Patriots and Leftists in this country. What is needed is a different way of thinking. We are not going to lose our history or culture. Look at Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and even the mainland states. They all have their own history and culture, and many have kept their ways. We will just be part of a large family that has the knowhow to prosper. Instead of Europe it would be the U.S. Let Europe continue its austerity policies. It’s doing us no good in the economic mess we’re in. We are also not under any European military shield as Europe is not there yet. Turkey and all our foes seem to be operating as they please with none of our European allies defending our European borders. Now if the sixth fleet was based in the Aegean I’m pretty sure there would be second thoughts on trespassing, sea borders, and all sort of threats.
Most of the world is striving for a life where opportunity and freedom to prosper is a given. Almost all of the poverty stricken citizens of the world would migrate to the States if legally possible. Okay, Australia also. Not Greece, Italy, Spain or any part of Europe. We could have all the benefits of being a part of a modern society with liberal ways, and a chance at prosperity without moving.
How about a referendum on that?
By the way, I’m 100% Greek. I’m writing in English because me Greek spelling is terrible. Grew up abroad.
Just dreaming!!
George Volos
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