Who we are

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We are productive people who have never been sustained by state largesse, and who envision a meritocratic and progressive state. We are successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, professionals, scientists, intellectuals and conscientious public servants who cannot continue to support the parasites within their midst. We are not household names. However, each one of us has built islets of creativity and quality, in his family, his business and in his immediate environment. We know that there are many people in Greece who think and live their lives as we do. And we know that they are many more than it appears. They do not break store windows, they do not scream on television debates, they do not block roads, and they do not occupy buildings. They only feel pain and sorrow. They are the people we represent, the people on whom we rely, and the people we want with us.


Founding Declaration and Political Positions

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Our country has reached its ultimate decline. The politicians who are responsible for this tragedy are completely inappropriate to bring salvation. They are controlled by a mechanism of patronage that preys on the products of the labor of part of this country.

There is only one option: their "politics" of corruption and institutionalized lawlessness must be discarded and replaced by a productive, civilized, respectable European state. Now is the time to create a movement of the people of the productive economy. We have no desire to become politicians. We would prefer to be left alone to do our job - and to have politicians capable to do theirs. But it is obvious that a bankrupt - literally and metaphorically - political system reproduces itself. The more it is discredited the better it protects its interests. For is there an inspired and capable man that can survive in areas dominated by opacity, cronyism and promotion of personal, political and corporative interests at the expense of society?