The future of Greece is in the European Union, with the Euro as its currency. We support free markets and democracy as the only workable system in the modern world, despite its problems. However, new rules are necessary for the European and global financial systems to allow only transactions with intrinsic value and to ban the high risk gambling with our money that has created the current worldwide crises. We believe in the prosperity that comes from the production of goods and services.

We will strive for European integration, for it is becoming evident, as the current crisis has demonstrated beyond any doubt, that a Europe of multiple speeds and disparate economic and financial policies is an unstable structure. When a state joins voluntarily a union in order to obtain the benefits it provides, it automatically agrees to transfer to the union a part of its sovereignty. Therefore, we disagree with the current anti-European nationalistic rhetoric, and envision European integration as the path that will make Europe a single political and economic entity.