voting boxThe political parties must be financed by the government budget depending on the number of votes that they have received in the last parliamentary elections. The number of votes must be multiplied by a factor per vote, which must be the half of the average of the states of the EU. It must be noted that, today, the Greek parties receive a subsidy of 10 Euro per vote, or approximately 10 times the EU average! The parties must be compelled to have a balanced annual budget, with no lending obligations. They must post on their web page their income and expenses, analytically, one by one. Their accounts must be audited on a yearly basis by chartered accountants.

The finances of all parties from 1974 until the present must be audited retroactively by independent chartered accountants and court-appointed legal examiners. Wherever suspect transactions appear, legal investigations must be carried out.

Parties are not above the Law. On the contrary, they must set an example of prudent management and respect for the Law in all their activities.

Parties must be prohibited to conduct any business activity, or to participate in any form in enterprises. It is obvious that business transactions create relations of dependency, and promote opacity.

We consider unbearable the existence of a party in the Greek Parliament that in its statutes describes itself (verbatim) as: "the revolutionary organization of volunteers of the same state of mind that fights for the uprooting of capitalism and the building of a Socialist-Communist society… which is guided by the universal theory of Marxism-Leninism and the proletarian internationalism. It is inspired by the great October Socialist Revolution…The passage from the capitalist society, which is found in deep crisis, to a Socialist society presupposes the conquest of political power by the working class, and the socialization of the basic means of production… This "philosophy" has rendered parties that call themselves leftist to be institutions of the most extreme form of conservatism, opponents of any reforming effort, trouble makers of the political life, and supporters of each absurd or destructive demand, as long as it ensures them an electoral clientèle.

The deputies and the leaders of parties must be bound to defend the Law, with their actions and words, within the Parliament and beyond. If a member of the legislative body declares disobedience to any law, he must be automatically removed from his position.

Before taking part in parliamentary BBefore taking part in parliamentary elections, each party must submit its complete proposals to the Supreme Court, and post them simultaneously on the internet. The proposals must be backed by numbers and data, precisely as it happens in tenders for public works. In order to draft them, full access will be given to the parties to all state data in the General Accounts Department, in the Bank of Greece, everywhere. For example: it will not be enough to state "we will be tough with tax evasion". Instead, they will have to describe the concrete steps that they commit themselves to take, how much revenue they project to obtain, from which concrete categories, in which concrete time frame, with semi-annual progress reports in a four-year horizon. For any GFor any shortfall, the party must pay a certain penalty, as well as the responsible Minister. We must stop, once and for all, the cruel joke that each party that comes to power has inherited “burnt land” from its predecessor and thus has an alibi to make a turn of 180 degrees from its pre-election promises.