We endeavor to create in the political arena well informed and clear voices that will demand a healthy framework for the functioning of the political system. We endeavor to create a shock force that will expose, primarily at the level of the European institutions and the European press, the corruption and the absurdity, wherever they exist, in both large and small matters. This will lead to the removal of the current gang of unqualified amateurs and accomplished crooks that have been looting our State. We are using institutional means to exert pressure, within the country and abroad. We want to unite the rare healthy voices among the politicians who have been relegated to the role of uninvolved observers and the fresh forces from the marketplace in order to acquire, at last, a vision and a road-map.

The objective is for this Union of Citizens to develop a strong voice. We are not simply disgusted in an undefined way. We are thinking people with proposals. Most probably, this movement will develop into a political formation. It is up to us.