Police personThe legislation should primarily be effective. The degree of severity is obviously dependent on the particular situation. The "institutionalization of lawlessness" and the rise of crime requires the adoption of corresponding laws and their faithful obedience.

Trees growingTo restart the economy we first need to reboot our minds, and “digest” the following cruel truth:

  • The real problem is not our debt, but the mechanism that creates it. Even it was all forgiven, the parasitic state and its clients (in the private sector, too) would recreate it.

Two hands holdingThe eventual aim is to establish, within a ten-year time frame, the only fair and efficient insurance system: the contributory one. The monies one gets are those invested in the form of contributions during his/her working years, plus investment earnings). State insurance will operate as an option, just like private insurance. Employees can choose the one that suits them best. The European legislation on the transparency of private insurance, which is strictly supervised, will be applied. Third-party taxes in favor of the "noble" funds, such as the advertisement fee, will be abolished.

Street protestingThe right to strike is respected - just as the right to work. If I want to strike it is my right. If you want to work, it is your right. No employee can impose his/her views on other people by force or intimidation. The concept of "imposing the strike" should be illegal and punishable by law.

Criminal stampA special tribunal of senior judges will be set up to conduct as quickly as possible comprehensive and fair trials related to corruption. The court will consist of 7 members that will be drawn from among the top judges of the judicial system. The verdict of the court will be final and immediately enforceable

voting boxThe political parties must be financed by the government budget depending on the number of votes that they have received in the last parliamentary elections. The number of votes must be multiplied by a factor per vote, which must be the half of the average of the states of the EU. It must be noted that, today, the Greek parties receive a subsidy of 10 Euro per vote, or approximately 10 times the EU average! The parties must be compelled to have a balanced annual budget, with no lending obligations. They must post on their web page their income and expenses, analytically, one by one. Their accounts must be audited on a yearly basis by chartered accountants.

Greek ParliamentWe propose that general elections be held every four years on a given fixed date.  If, due to some special reason expressly specified in the Constitution, elections must be held before the four years are completed, the government that will arise from these elections will not have a four year term, but will serve only the remainder of the running term. This will stop the constant preoccupation about imminent elections that, in our country, begins right after elections are over. The Swedish Constitution has such a provision.