Street protestingThe right to strike is respected - just as the right to work. If I want to strike it is my right. If you want to work, it is your right. No employee can impose his/her views on other people by force or intimidation. The concept of "imposing the strike" should be illegal and punishable by law.

Demonstrations in the streets will be prohibited. Blocking roads so that 100 people can protest has no practical value. Since the area is blocked, only the demonstrators can see each other. Furthermore, they turn public opinion against them, inconvenience the public, paralyze economic life and establish a permanent element of lawlessness. According to official figures of the Greek police in 2010, the center of Athens was closed for demonstrations and standstills 496 times! The economic cost is obvious, especially in an economy in crisis.

We do not want to silence anyone. We propose that the television stations set aside 5 minutes of their news broadcasting so that aggrieved groups of people can express their views before the entire TV audience, and not just few passers-by who happened to be on their way. This 5-minute segment may be given to other social groups too - even anarchists - who may have something to say that will contribute to social reflection, which is always useful in a free society.