"Recreate Greece" is breaking new ground in digital democracy by being the first political party in Greece to introduce and successfully implement online voting.

On Saturday 6th April, Thanos Tzimeros was re-elected as President of the party in a positive celebrating atmosphere. Nearly 700 electors participated online in the elections that represent a pioneering initiative in the Greek political scene.

The results:

  • Thanos Tzimeros: 569 votes,
  • Angelos Barbalios: 81 votes,
  • Christophoros Moutoulas: 15 votes
  • Blank: 4 votes.

E-voting was available at the convention center as well as from a distance, with the use of personal computers or smart phones. An impressive photo from above was sent by an elector that voted at 3.500 feet, during a private flight!

E-voting continues today with a new online poll for the election of the party's Political Council, National Committee and Audit Committee. "Recreate Greece" aims to practice direct democracy on a regular basis.

The political party "Recreate Greece" was officially founded in March 2012, and is self-identified as a citizen-centered political movement, with emphasis in rebuilding the Greek state.

Main components of its political agenda include:

  1. Eliminate corruption and reduce public expenditure by downsizing and modernizing the public sector.
  2. Decrease the level of bureaucracy and simplify  tax law aiming to establish strong favourable policies for domestic and foreign investors.
  3. Enforcement of a stronger European Integration.

The party's main communication tool is the internet. "Recreate Greece" reaches its voters via its website and the use of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.


TEL: 2118005665 FAX: 2118003365  #DimiourgiaXana

Congress spokesmen:

Serafim Kotrotsos (+30-6977880995), Nicholas Mavridis (+30-6977022395)