Our country has reached its ultimate decline. The politicians who are responsible for this tragedy are completely inappropriate to bring salvation. They are controlled by a mechanism of patronage that preys on the products of the labor of part of this country.

There is only one option: their "politics" of corruption and institutionalized lawlessness must be discarded and replaced by a productive, civilized, respectable European state. Now is the time to create a movement of the people of the productive economy. We have no desire to become politicians. We would prefer to be left alone to do our job - and to have politicians capable to do theirs. But it is obvious that a bankrupt - literally and metaphorically - political system reproduces itself. The more it is discredited the better it protects its interests. For is there an inspired and capable man that can survive in areas dominated by opacity, cronyism and promotion of personal, political and corporative interests at the expense of society?

To revive the country, the politicians have to stop telling the fanatics what they want to hear, they must speak the truth without considering the political cost, and they must dismantle the machines that they nurtured (unions, state-fed businessmen and state-dependent media). And they should start by cleaning up their own parties, the primary cells of corruption. But they have neither the willingness nor the capacity to do so.

That is why we created “Dimiourgia xana” (ReCreate Greece)! We represent the silent majority that is drawn each time to the elections without being offered any - statutory - way to express its disgust for the whole political system. We represent those who do not covet the public wealth, do not break windows, do not look for political patronage, do not cause turmoil in the streets or on TV, but are sad and crushed by the disgrace of their country.

Because there is "another" Greece of thought and speech, of hard work and production, of culture and dignity. We are millions of Greeks full of desire to build and create. We have ideas, knowledge and experience. We live in a country blessed by nature. We have much to offer to the modern world, with our Greek Thought as the common denominator: this rare balance between rationality and imagination, practical mind and poetry, action and daydreaming.

We are inspired by the principles of Humanism and Enlightenment. We see the future of Greece in the European Union with the Euro as our currency. Obviously, we support the free market economy and parliamentary democracy as the only systems that can function in the modern world, despite their problems. However, the European and the global financial system are in need of new rules that will reestablish money as the means for transactions and not the main objective. We believe in the prosperity that comes from the production of goods and services.

We strive for European integration, as it is evident – and the recent crisis has undoubtedly demonstrated - that a Europe of multiple economic speeds and financial policies is an unstable structure. We disagree with the anti-European nationalist rhetoric and perceive European integration as the path that will make Europe a single political and economic entity with social solidarity.

We believe in a public sector of highly qualified people with willingness to offer their services to the citizens. The public sector should be as small as possible. We do not want the state to be a businessman. The state should have few and highly capable officials with a regulatory role. We know- and see it in everyday life - that the public sector, besides sinecure, has excellent human resources that are generally sidelined and unexploited.

We disagree with the concept of politics being a profession. We propose a time limit - maximum service of 12 years, after the completion of which one cannot be included as a candidate for any elective position. This will force politicians to expedite the work they begin, exempt them from the political costs, lead them to reveal new talents, and ensure the continuity of their work, encouraging young people to engage in politics.

We recognize the role that the white vote can play in cleaning up and maintaining the health of the political system. The white vote will be regarded as a negative vote on all parties taking part in elections. Until now there is no institutional way to express one's contempt for all offered solutions that is the entire political system. The percentage of white votes should, therefore, be taken into account, as opposed to the current status. If the white vote had the power of institutional reversal of the political system, it would have already done so. There is no need to get to the absolute rot before something new is born.

We support the incompatibility of parliamentary and ministerial roles, so that the legislative and executive powers become independent of each other. If someone is a Minister, he/she cannot run for Member of Parliament in the following elections. Consequently, there will be no reason to “grease” the patronage system. Also, no one should be a candidate, unless he/she has worked for at least 10 years in non-political positions.

We propose to eliminate any pension related to service in an elected position. This includes pensions to Presidents of the Republic, Prime Ministers, Members of Parliament, Mayors, Prefects, and Trade Union Officials. No one should become a politician in order to profit financially. To serve in office is a service to the country – it is voluntary! During his term in office, the elected official continues to be covered by the public insurance fund that covered him before his election. ¶He will receive his pension from this fund at the age of 65, as all Greeks do, without his years in office adding any special privileges.

We strive for transparency in the function of the political parties, which should receive public funding at levels per vote comparable to other European countries, balanced annual budgets and annual audits by independent accountants. Parties must be prohibited to conduct any business activity, or to participate in enterprises.

It is obvious that business transactions create relations of dependency, and promote opacity.

We believe in the independence of Justice and its role in safeguarding political and social welfare - which is currently dangerously compromised. We will fight for the abolition of the scandalous privileges of impunity of the politicians. The concept of statutes of limitations and immunity for any crime is inadmissible in a lawful state. The current requirement of Justice to forward to the Parliament the cases concerning politicians is equally unacceptable. The investigation should be conducted by the prosecutor, as in all cases. If the prosecutor determines that there is indeed a criminal offense concerning a politician, the case should be sent directly to the court. We believe that Education is the most important investment for the future of the country. Its subordination to political interests was the greatest crime of all governments after the restoration of democracy in 1974. We suggest that the educational system be designed and managed by a committee of "wise men" of prominent Greek Professors from universities in Europe and the USA. The Minister of Education will be the President of the Committee. The committee will appoint a replacement member if someone leaves. The Parliament could change the composition of the committee by a majority of 2 / 3 of the body.

We declare that economic growth occurs in an environment conducive to doing business, with a legal framework that is transparent, simple, stable and fair, in a state that is accountable to its citizens in the management of their money and the performance of its obligations. Constitutionally, Governmental budgets must have a surplus of 1%. The amount of 1% will build up a reserve that will be used in emergencies (natural disasters, fires). The public sector we plan will be fully computerized in order to eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy and dealings by the citizens with the State will be performed electronically from home. A free competitive economy implies liberalization of all professions, so that anyone who has the legal qualifications can exercise his profession.

This is the environment we want to live in and create. This is the Greece we envisage. This is the Greece all of us who believe in "ReCreate Greece" will strive to create by signing its founding statement.