Greece is not what you see in the evening news. We are millions of creative, dignified Greeks, who believe progress comes only with hard work. We have proven this in the way we conduct our lives. However, until this moment, our voice had not been heard. Greek politicians in close cooperation with the syndicates and most of the mass media, whose owners are also contractors for public works, have dictated to the country a state of terrorization and fear for its’ citizens, muffling the voices of reason and common sense. Enough is enough!

This Sunday the “silent majority” of Greeks will join our voices in the first national congress of the new political movement DIMIOURGIA, XANA! (Recreate Greece.)

Our Goal:

  • to ensure Greece fulfils its’ commitments towards its’ creditors
  • to stop the political party gangs from continuing to infect Greece’s public offices
  • to stop populist voices from being Greek Politics “official” voices
  • to proceed with the rationalization of the Greek state in all fronts
  • to liberate the job market
  • to fire from the Public Sector the armies of partisans who were hired solely on the basis of being proposed by a member of the parliament.
  • to allow Justice to do it’s duty with regards to all those who looted public money.

Founder of the political movement Recreate Greece is the communication specialist and classical music professor Thanos Tzimeros, who initially gained publicity in Greece and worldwide, as the author of the “Open Letter to Chancellor Merkel”.

Contrary to what the populists claim, Tzimeros shed light to Greece’s root problem: corruption, saying characteristically “even if the hair-cut were 100%, the political mafias would recreate the debt problem in zero time”. Hundreds of thousands Greeks agreed with the contents of this open letter, which among other things, requested that not another penny be given to Greece, before our corrupt political parties are obliged to fulfil the commitments they signed.

We ask you, European citizens, to support the voice of reason in our country. Give us the opportunity to show to the world that there exists another Greece behind the corrupt mechanisms of the political system. Another Greece which is civilized, with a European direction, which is trustworthy. We are ashamed of our politicians - we never voted for them! We will not let them continue to denigrate our country and lure us to destruction, dragging the whole of Europe along, so that their partisan “customers” maintain their unbelievable unethical privileges.

On Sunday, March11th, from 10:00 to 20:00, we are holding the most hopeful “cleaning team” meeting, to rid us from the filth of our political system once and for all. Join us in this effort for the sake of our common future and of our children.